Leading Change 2014

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LKB_20140325_Leading_Change_Canada_0034On March 25th 2014, 150 of Canada’s best and brightest emerging environmental leaders gathered in Vancouver for Leading Change 2014 – an event aimed at fostering leadership skills and catalyzing change amongst Canada’s next generation of young environmental and sustainability professionals..

As the Founding Organization of Leading Change Canada, the Delphi Group was central in delivering a program featuring 24 professionals who were experts in and helped us to explore our theme of Meeting the Essential Needs of Tomorrow: Rethinking the Energy, Food and Water Nexus.  We were also able to deliver the important and extremely popular Speed Mentoring Session connecting our delegates with 25 sustainability professionals to provide them with professional guidance in how they can best realize their potential as sustainable agents of change.

Photos of the day can be viewed here on the Leading Change Facebook page. For the first time this year, we were able to Livestream the event featuring a Keynote Address by the Rocky Mountain Institute’s CoFounder and Chief Scientist – Amory Lovins and a call to action by Tom Rand – Managing Partner, MaRS Cleantech Fund.  Recordings are available on the Leading Change Canada YouTube Channel.

We were also able sponsor 100 delegates to attend the entire GLOBE Conference making Leading Change Canada the largest delegation at the conference. This really served to raise the profile of youth at GLOBE and continues to demonstrate the need for youth engagement to ensure the conversation remains relevant and sustainable. Emerging leaders were engaged and asked thought provoking questions to established environmental professionals during many of the sessions.  This is truly a testament to the shifting demographics of the GLOBE conference and of environmental leaders who will be catalyzing change in Canada.

Beyond 2020 - Full PanelThis year, for the first time we were also able to have a panel at the GLOBE Conference , featuring two of our delegates, exploring different approaches and perspectives on engaging emerging leaders so that companies can more effectively identify and capitalize on innovative opportunities to keep pace with this new generation of socially-minded consumers and workers.


Below you will find links to the footage from the Leading Change 2014 Conference:
View the Delegate Package here

Part 1: Opening Panel – Mega Trends: The Energy, Food and Water Nexus
Part 2: Energy Breakout Session – Overcoming Barriers and Meeting the Challenges of Tomorrow
Part 3: GLOBE Pre-Panel Session – Rosalynn Dodd, Philipp Garber, Ngaio Hotte, Aleema Jamal
Part 4: Lunch Panel - Local sustainable and socially responsible food organizations present opportunities for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
Part 5: Keynote Address – Amory Lovins
Part 6: Closing Address/ Call to Action – Tom Rand







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