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CFS 101: A Primer on the Canadian Clean Fuel Standard

17 Jul 2019

by Melissa Harris – Director of Policy, The Delphi Group Infographic Data Sources: ECCC; Navius/Enviroeconomics; Jordan Press With a recent poll finding that the environment is a leading concern for voters…

How Precision Agriculture Can Revolutionize Canada’s Agri-food Sector

5 Jul 2019

by Paul Shorthouse – Senior Director, The Delphi Group Canada’s agri-food industry—which includes all the enterprises that produce, sell and deliver food—is one of our most important sectors from…

Going Wild with Bison in Banff National Park: The Volunteer Experience of a Lifetime

25 Jun 2019

by Kristine O’Rielly – Cleantech & Innovation Consultant, The Delphi Group The sun rose slowly over the mountains as I drove to Banff National Park for an incredible week in Banff’s most remote…

Aligning Profit with Purpose – How to Design a Staff Ecofund

22 Apr 2019

by Ted Ferguson – President,The Delphi Group In our constellation of organizations, we are unabashedly pro-profit, pro-enterprise. We embrace an entrepreneurial, reward-initiative type environment. We love being in…

Own a Parking Lot? See Our Top 5 Electric Vehicle (EV) Considerations

28 Mar 2019

by Joe Rogers – Senior Director,The Delphi Group The federal government recently announced Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) purchase incentives and funding for charging and fueling infrastructure. ZEVs are…

4 Emerging Sustainability Trends in Canada’s Energy Sector

1 Mar 2019

by David Photiadis – Director, The Delphi Group Every two years, The Delphi Group conducts the Energy Sector Sustainability Study (ES3), a comprehensive study of sustainability performance and…

5 Tips for Curbing Your Carbon Debt

15 Jan 2019

by Stephan Wehr – Vice President,The Delphi Group Trees and plants are superheroes in the fight against climate change. They are carbon sinks – systems that absorb and store carbon…

COP 24: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

21 Dec 2018

by Melissa Harris – Director,The Delphi Group During the first two weeks of December, more than 22 000 people from around the world gathered in Katowice, Poland, for…

The Unlikely Conversion of an International Conference Skeptic

5 Dec 2018

by Kristine O’Rielly – Cleantech and Innovation Consultant,The Delphi Group Just Another Conference? A few weeks ago, I attended the 2018 Arctic Circle Assembly (ACA) in Reykjavik, Iceland….

5 Things Chief Sustainability Officers Must do to be Successful

6 Nov 2018

by Ted Ferguson – President of The Delphi Group Oh, sustainability roles, how you’ve changed. Once upon a time, Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) officers were the…

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