GHG Reductions: Offsets and Reduction Projects

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We are a leading authority on both offsets as well as other project and technology-based emission reductions, such as quantifying the potential impacts of GHG technology demonstration projects and helping organizations analyze the impacts and benefits of their internal reduction projects so they can plan, prioritize and meet their targets. Over the years, we have completed countless GHG reduction quantifications and developed associated standardized methodologies for a wide variety of project types, including:

  • Renewable energy (PV, solar thermal, wind, biomass cogeneration)
  • In-situ oil sands extraction
  • Conventional power generation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Waste management, including waste-to-energy
  • Alternative fuels (bio-fuels, landfill gas, fuel cells)
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Industrial processes


With the growing significance of greenhouse gas reduction policies both in North America and around the globe, offset credits are becoming an increasingly important component of the solution to global climate change. They offer business opportunities to project developers and cost-efficient mitigation opportunities to corporate, governmental and national bodies that leverage existing market-based mechanisms. Whether it’s developing your strategy for how to source and use offsets within your organization, or helping you identify the project types that represent the biggest opportunities for you, we can help.

Quantification and reporting

Emission reductions must be real, quantifiable, verifiable, permanent, enforceable, and additional to be credible and meaningful. Our quantification, reporting and review services ensure the quality and credibility of your offset projects. We also help you present the information in a format that is easily accessible for your stakeholders and investors, while ensuring transparency for the GHG program authorities and funding agencies that are registering and verifying projects. Whether you need a project plan that clearly quantifies baseline scenarios and emission reductions or you need accurate project cash flows estimates, our experts can help.

Some of our past projects include:

  • Energy Efficiency Project (Canada Malting – for TransCanada – Alberta)
  • Gas Plant Electrification and Instrument Air Project (ARC Resources Ltd. – BC)
  • Biomass Gasification System Project (Kruger Products Limited – BC)
  • Low Emission Engine Technology for Air Transportation Project (Pratt & Whitney – SDTC)
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery Project (ARC Resources Ltd. – Alberta)
  • Energy Efficiency Project (ERCO -for TransCanada – Alberta)
  • Plasma Gasification of Waste Project (Plasco Energy – SDTC)
  • Integrated Manure Utilization System Project (IMUS – NRCan)

Due diligence, risk and opportunity assessments

Regulatory uncertainty and carbon market volatility create potential risk for buyers, brokers, financiers and even project developers when they are considering developing and buying offset credits. At Delphi, we know that not all offsets are created equal. With unrivalled GHG quantification, regulatory policy and carbon markets and transactions expertise, we help clients:

  • Develop and assess broad offset management strategies
  • Identify and assess the feasibility of specific potential reduction projects
  • Minimize and mitigate the risks involved in offset development, financing and end use.

Some of our past projects include:

  • Offset origination and management strategy workshop (confidential oil & gas client)
  • Offset origination and management strategy workshop (confidential chemical-sector client)
  • GHG quantification risk assessment for various potential GHG offset projects (confidential oil & gas client)
  • Evaluation of landfill gas offset project opportunities (confidential client)
  • Evaluation of credit potential for cogeneration and waste heat recovery at an Alberta gas (confidential oil & gas client)
  • Reviewed draft commercial agreements for the purchase and sale of CO2 and related offsets to identify the commercial and regulatory GHG risks and recommend commercial strategies to mitigate the risks (confidential oil & gas client)
  • Acted as an independent advisor for a chemical-sector company in evaluating the risks and opportunities related to the design of an offset investment vehicle
  • Conducted commercial, technical, and regulatory due diligence on a variety of proposed offset investment opportunities (confidential oil & gas client)
  • Canada-Argentina Capacity Building Initiative (identification and evaluation of CDM project opportunities (Canadian International Development Agency)
  • Carbon Dioxide Capture and Geological Sequestration Potential of the APEC Region (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation)

Protocol design and development

We work with corporations, project developers, industry groups and governments to develop standardized offset quantification methodologies – or protocols – that can be used for a variety of projects of a similar type.  We create protocols that meet the high standards required by GHG programs and are designed with ease of reporting and verifiability in mind. Our deep expertise results from developing offset protocols in BC, Alberta, the Western Climate Initiative (WCI), as well as for draft Canadian federal systems and government technology funding programs.

Some of our past projects include:

  • Forest carbon offset protocol (BC)
  • Fuel switching protocol (BC)
  • Greenhouse growers offset protocol (BC)
  • Protocol development workplan for blue carbon projects (BC)
  • Top-ranked protocol reviewer for the Pacific Carbon Trust (BC)
  • Freight modal shifting protocol (BC, AB, draft Federal)
  • Biomass power generation protocol (draft Federal)
  • Biofuels protocol (draft Federal)
  • Wind power and grid-connected electricity (Natural Resources Canada)

Validation and verification support

In addition to preparing high quality offset and inventory documentation that is ready for successful validation and verification, we can also support you through the audit process.  We are experts in the validation and verification process and requirements, and can help you choose an appropriate auditor/verifier, help keep the process on track, respond to auditor questions, and answer any questions that you may have.

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