Bryce Edwards, Technical Analyst

Bryce analyzes and quantifies greenhouse gases and other emissions for Delphi’s clients. He also conducts research to identify emission reduction opportunities and evaluates environmental benefits associated with different technical projects and initiatives. Bryce has a keen interest in helping organizations understand and better manage their climate impacts.

Bryce is a M.Sc. candidate in the interdisciplinary Sustainable Energy Development (SEDV) program at the University of Calgary. The SEDV program is designed to provide a holistic approach for addressing economic, social, and environmental concerns related to energy development. His research investigated ways of simplifying a life-cycle assessment model, used to estimate the upstream GHG emissions released by different crude oils, so that it is more accessible to the oil and gas (O&G) industry. Prior to attending graduate school, Bryce obtained his bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta. He has spent five years working in Alberta’s O&G sector as a project engineer, fabricating natural gas processing equipment, and as an evaluations engineer consultant, estimating the value of O&G assets.

Bryce is an avid cyclist and lover of music. He aspires to become a world class pianist once he finally buys a piano and starts lessons. In his spare time, Bryce enjoys reading, learning about other cultures, and finding ways to refurbish ugly undesirable furniture.

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