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Delphi Helps Major Canadian Retailer Save Millions in Energy Costs and Waste Tipping Fees


This major Canadian retailer wanted to identify potential packaging right-sizing projects in order to reduce waste tipping fees. They also wanted to explore options for greater energy efficiency.

How Delphi delivered: Delphi worked with them to update their Blue Box Calculators to more accurately reflect the product packaging weights and identified potential packaging right sizing projects.  In addition, we worked with them to identify funding for a company-wide lighting retrofit program.

Value added: We helped the retailer save $450,000 and 10 million kWh annually through its LED retrofit, which replaced 116,000 incandescent spotlights and in addition improved the efficiency of other lamps. They also saved $250,000 annually in waste tipping fees.


Delphi Helps CN Clients Generate Offset Credits and Improves CN’s Value Proposition


CN wanted to develop a GHG emissions reduction protocol that would enable their clients to both quantify reductions and generate offset credits when shifting from GHG-intensive road transportation to less GHG-intensive rail transportation.

How Delphi delivered: Delphi worked closely with CN’s environmental group and marketing department to demonstrate that shipping by rail produces significantly lower GHG emissions than shipping by road. Delphi then developed a GHG protocol that was formally approved for use in the Alberta offset system and is currently being modified to meet draft Federal GHG offset system rules.

A supporting on-line GHG emission reduction calculator was also developed.

Value added: Delphi’s work enabled CN to improve the value of its services offered and create a unique value proposition in the market. CN now has an improved service offering and CN clients have the added benefit of being able to generate offset credits while reducing environmental impact. This project has enhanced CN’s market position, increased revenue potential; increased brand value and strengthened CN’s environmental leadership.

“They’re great! They have a very good team. They have done very well in keeping lines of communication open, they’re very responsive. The ongoing discussions we have are very good.”

-Normand Pellerin, Assistant VP Environment, CN

Delphi Provides Third-party Review of Canadian Tire’s Quarterly Sustainability Report


Canadian Tire needed assistance with reviewing and providing an external expert statement of their quarterly Business Sustainability Performance Report.

How Delphi delivered: The Delphi Group partnered with Corporate Knights to undertake this independent review. The objective of the review is to determine if the appropriate due diligence was in place for accurate public disclosures. In addition, CTC’s sustainability reporting was reviewed against a set of its industry peers to assess how it was performing with regards to public disclosures. Delphi also benchmarks CTC’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and energy use against industry peers to assess their performance.

Value added: Canadian Tire is able to publicly release a quarterly sustainability report with the added rigour of having specific performance data points included. In addition, the data being presented can be better relied upon as a result of it being third party reviewed.

“Delphi’s review of our GHG emissions tracking gave us confidence in the results, and their guidance on how to refine our process helped us improve the quality of the results even further.”

Carolyn Sedgwick, Manager, Business Sustainability, Canadian Tire
BGIS 2017

Delphi Helps BLJC Develop a Strategic Approach to Sustainability, Reporting and Employee Engagement


BLJC had many great sustainability initiatives, but needed to develop a strategic approach to sustainability, reporting and employee engagement.

How Delphi delivered:  BLJC partnered with Delphi over multiple years to project manage, update data for the current reporting cycle, conduct key internal stakeholder interviews and GRI gap analysis, suggest new key performance indicators/targets, and compile three streams of data (social, environmental, economic) with the goal of developing annual sustainability reports.

Value added: BLJC extended its partnership with Delphi by working with us to support their clients. In this case we worked with one of their financial sector customers to help organize, define, and prioritize key sustainability opportunities moving forward.  Delphi analyzed past efforts, organized them in an environmental catalogue, highlighted key successes to emulate in future programming, conducted a best practice review against their core priorities, and provided a list of recommendations moving forward (management recommendations and sustainable programming opportunities).

Link to BLJCs sustainability report:

“Delphi helped us with our CSR reporting and helped some of our customers develop their sustainability strategies. They exceeded our expectations at every stage by delivering high quality products within a tight timeline and budget.

-Gord Hicks, CEO

Delphi Helps Humber College Develop and Get Community Buy-in for its Sustainability Strategy


Humber College required a partner who could help them leverage their sustainability accomplishments to date and further their commitment by developing a meaningful sustainability strategy that has the buy-in and support of their community.

How Delphi delivered: Delphi supported Humber in the following areas:

  • Conducting Background Research: We helped Humber understand major on-campus sustainability trends and priorities.
  • Engaging the Community: Delphi supported Humber in conducting three major stakeholder engagement activities:
    • Facilitation Session with Humber’s Sustainability Steering Committee: This was conducted to understand major priorities of the 5-year sustainability strategy.
    • Three Major Community Engagement Events at each Campus: Delphi suggested conducting three “Vote for Sustainability” events in which community stakeholders were able to vote for their sustainability priorities, sign a commitment to leadership board, and leave ideas and comments on a vision table.  The events were very successful, engaging approximately 5000 community members and helping to prioritize 11 sustainability themes by demographic.
    • Campus-Wide Survey: Delphi helped develop and run an online survey to get feedback into Humber’s sustainability strategy.  The survey had 2,900 respondents.

Value added: Delphi was able to engage far more stakeholders then the client had planned, providing them with an even greater base of information upon which to build their sustainability plan.

Delphi Develops Corporate Environmental Strategy for Toronto Hydro


Toronto Hydro needed to develop a corporate environmental strategy that would reduce its environmental footprint and meet demands from its board, executives, and external stakeholders and would enable compliance with proposed municipal, provincial and federal climate change targets.

How Delphi delivered: Delphi worked with Toronto Hydro to develop a corporate strategy to improve overall performance and minimize their environmental footprint. Delphi’s experience with sustainability planning and our knowledge of municipal, provincial and federal regulatory policies helped us develop a framework for technology decisions, performance improvement and overall strategy design.

Value added: Delphi’s work with Toronto Hydro ensured they could meet climate change targets set by the City of Toronto and expectations of their board and executives. The strategy also ensured ongoing compliance in the face of regulatory uncertainty at the provincial and federal levels. Delphi’s work has meant that Toronto Hydro can maintain its environmental leadership, reduce risk, improve performance and strengthen long-term value.

They have helped us reach critical milestones on both strategy and technical matters related to our goals.”

-Blair Peberdy, VP Marketing, Communication and Publics Affairs, Toronto Hydro

Delphi Offers Major Canadian Corporations a Unique Sustainability Learning Partnership


Senior decision makers at companies that are leading on sustainability need a forum for discussing challenges and opportunities related to moving issues forward. In order for this type of network to add value it needs to be made up of progressive companies, supported by leading edge research, analysis and facilitation.

How Delphi delivers: The EXCEL Partnership EXCEL is a unique cross-sectoral learning partnership of major Canadian corporations who are committed to environmental and sustainable development leadership through continuous improvement of environmental and social performance. The group functions in some respects as Canada’s ‘inner circle on sustainability’ for leaders from some of the country’s largest companies.

The Partnership was founded in 1995 and membership is by invitation only. EXCEL operates under the auspices of the GLOBE Foundation and is managed by The Delphi Group. EXCEL is a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Regional Network.

Value added: As secretariat for EXCEL Delphi provides a range of services to member companies. These include:

  • Facilitation: Delphi is responsible for ensuring EXCEL meetings deliver significant value to members, and that learning opportunities amongst companies are maximized.
  • Content expertise: Delphi provides EXCEL with cutting edge research and analysis on sustainability and competitiveness issues.
  • Multi-faceted programming: the EXCEL program is designed to include face to face meetings, teleconferences, webinars, and quarterly briefings. Delphi designs these deliverables with a strong focus on providing value add advice and perspective to EXCEL members who are Canada’s corporate leaders on sustainability.

Issues that Delphi tackles for EXCEL members:

  • Sustainability and materiality testing
  • Social metrics
  • Environmental budgeting
  • Organizational structures for sustainability
  • Supply chain sustainability
  • Governance and accountability
  • Transparency and disclosure.

EXCEL is now nearing its 20th year in operation all of which has been under the management of Delphi. The Partnership includes 18 of Canada’s corporate leaders on Sustainability. As EXCEL explores new frontiers of sustainability the Partnership will be looking to attract leading companies from new sectors that are valuing the business contributions of sustainability.

Delphi Provides Energy Companies with In-depth Competitive Analysis on Sustainability


The ES3 initiative was created out of the reality that companies need competitive analysis on sustainability. This is further reinforced by the following factors:

  • Existing indices are driven by stakeholder interests, not corporate priorities  (DJSI, CDP, Global 100)
  • Staff developing corporate strategies on sustainability and carbon management need better information to determine/justify appropriate levels of investment
  • Executives want and need comparables
  • Staff reporting to executives want and need comparables!
  • This information helps drive the business cases for sustainability initiatives.

How Delphi delivers: The Delphi Group developed the ES3 in partnership with many of its energy sector clients. The initiative is a bi-annual benchmarking study that synthesizes the landscape of sustainability performance across over 75 indicator areas, and 60 energy sector companies.

Value added: Clients of the ES3 receive the benchmarking competitive intelligence in a variety of formats:

  • Company-specific Performance Analysis for Clients of the Study: highlighting key areas of differentiation and improvement
  • Presentation Deck Summarizing Results – Key benchmarks, trends, and scores for all KPIs, are visually provided for easy insertion into Executive briefing presentation or reports.
  • Data Sheets - Excel spreadsheets containing qualitative and quantitative results allow you to manipulate the data for different indicators and subcategories
  • Web – Based Results: Ease of access to information.
  • All Results Hyperlinked to Original Corporate Documents  - allows for ease of follow-up, expanded research and validation.
  • Client Specific Workshops to Discuss Results – enabling greater examination of results and their implications for corporate practices.

Delphi delivered ES3 results to 22 clients across the Oil and Gas sector, energy utilities, and governments.

“We were a part of Delphi’s ES3 benchmarking initiative  - it was a great opportunity to learn how our Corporate Responsibility program stacked up against others in our sector and across industries. Being able to tap into Delphi’s tools and expertise provided us with great value”.

David Lawlor - Director, Environment Affairs ENMAX

Delphi Helps the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) Identify GHG Reduction Opportunities Worth $15.2 million


GTAA wanted to understand their options for reducing the organization’s carbon and energy footprint in a strategic way.

How Delphi delivered: Delphi and The University of Waterloo worked with the GTAA to design a roadmap for meeting their GHG emissions reduction target (20% reduction from 2006 baseline by 2020).  The Delphi Group identified 13 opportunities with an annual cost savings of $4.4 Mil dollars and an annual emission reduction potential between 15,000-20,000 tonnes of CO2e.   Based on Delphi’s Marginal Abatement Cost Curve tool, five opportunities were incorporated into the strategic recommendations.

Valued added: These five opportunities combined have the potential to reduce 7,000 tonnes CO2e in 2020 with cumulative energy cost savings of $15.2 million.

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