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Whether you operate in the private or public sector, we can provide you with unparalleled intelligence on the cleantech industry in Canada. We will work with you to define the challenges, understand the market opportunities, and advance real-world solutions.

This is an exciting time for Canadian cleantech. The federal government has earmarked billions of dollars in funding for the sector. Global trade in cleantech is projected to reach over USD $2 trillion per year by 2020, a tripling of 2014 levels. Delphi can help you navigate this complex landscape and make more informed investment decisions.

Delphi’s Cleantech and Innovation Services include:

Assessing cleantech options 
Whether you are a government funder or a company looking to meet your sustainability targets, Delphi can help you make informed investment decisions. We do this by:

  • Facilitating processes in which we work with industry to define a challenge and then source targeted cleantech solutions. Learn more about our successful track record here.
  • Assessing existing technologies available to solve a given environmental challenge, and determining whether further innovation is required to close a technology gap.
  • Determining what is most important to you based on your organization’s needs and objectives (such as improving your environmental footprint at the lowest cost). Learn more about our related services here.
  • Quantifying the scale of emissions reduction and possible carbon revenue streams (e.g., offsets) associated with a project or technology.

Cleantech policy and analysis
Cleantech is gaining increasing traction as governments around the world seek to address environmental challenges while also creating jobs and making key industrial sectors more competitive. Delphi provides in-depth analysis on market demand trends, technology performance, and potential impacts/benefits to all levels of government and public-sector agencies in Canada. Our goal is to help our clients maximize the potential of these investments and support market transformation in the cleantech sector.

Assessing potential for commercialization
Fewer than 10% of cleantech concepts get past the research and development phase to commercialization. Delphi assists organizations such as end-use customers, funders, and industry associations assess technology options that are viable, will deliver environmental benefits, and have real potential for commercialization. We help our clients compare and assess the economic and environmental performance of relevant clean technologies, including as part of broader technology platforms and systems.

Cleantech research, sector profiling, and export development
Delphi has specialist expertise in leading industry/market research and facilitation efforts that support the development of the Canadian cleantech sector. We do this by:

  • Identifying Canadian cleantech company capabilities and workforce expertise.
  • Providing data on jobs and the economic impact of cleantech development, as well as exports to priority markets.
  • Meeting domestic and international demand with Canadian expertise (export development and match-making).


Some of Delphi’s recent cleantech projects include:

  • Managing the ongoing Challenge Definition process for Foresight’s Advanced Resource Clean Technology Innovation Centre (ARCTIC), designed to accelerate the development of cleantech solutions in response to industry demand and challenges in Canada’s natural resource sectors.
  • Assessing the market opportunities for Canadian cleantech and sustainable infrastructure companies to meet the growing demand for solutions in Southeast Asia for Global Affairs Canada.
  • Mapping the wind energy sector value chain in Alberta to determine opportunities for further growing the industry in line with that province’s Renewable Electricity Program.
  • Helping Calgary Economic Development establish a better understanding of Alberta’s green energy technology value chain.
  • Undertaking an assessment of the positive impacts that building offsets could have on supporting the growth of BC’s clean technology sector and local companies across the entire value chain.
  • Developing Clean Technology Sector Profiles and data-driven fact sheets for Global Affairs Canada, to be used as tools by Trade Commissioners representing Canada for promotional purposes.
  • Undertaking an assessment of the opportunities for Canadian cleantech companies to provide solutions to one of Canada’s major trading partners in the natural resources sectors on behalf of Natural Resources Canada.
  • Ongoing reviews of GHG and environmental quantification reports for a range of Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) funded technology demonstration projects.
  • Providing market intelligence on Canada’s Renewable Energy and Alternative Fuel sectors to assist Export Development Canada (EDC) to better serve these sectors.
  • Analyzing and evaluating over 140 federal, provincial, and territorial infrastructure funding programs for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

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