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We can help you seize the local and global opportunities associated with the transition to a greener economy.

The global market for green economy goods and services was estimated to be CAD $6.8 trillion in 2014 and continues to grow rapidly. Domestic and global markets for clean technology, environmental services, and sustainability solutions across many sectors – including energy, transportation, buildings, resource efficiency, water, and food systems – are poised to expand.

This outlook bodes well for Canada’s federal government, provinces, territories, and municipalities as they seek to diversify their economies to ensure long-term prosperity. Public sector and industry organizations are increasingly looking at green economic development as a means to create jobs, attract investment, and boost exports.

Our Green Economy Advisory Services can help your organization better understand and benefit from evolving industry trends and policies, shifts in technology, and the employment opportunities that are associated with the transition to a greener, lower-carbon future.

Delphi’s green economy services include:

  • Clean Technology Sector Research and Analysis – We can provide you with unparalleled clean technology support, market intelligence, and help you assess and understand the cost and effectiveness of various cleantech options.
  • Economic Development & Sector-Specific Analyses – We have extensive experience working with various organizations and agencies to undertake economic impact assessments, identify current and potential future business and investment opportunities, and devise economic development strategies.
  • Labour Market & Workforce Development – We have experience with collecting labour market information and conducting research on employment trends and skill sets, developing occupational profiles, and assessing standards in order to help narrow gaps between industry demand and labour supply
  • Green Supply Chain and Procurement – We have the expertise and tools required to help you determine how green your supply chain is.

Some of our past projects include:

Delphi has helped a broad range of public and private sector organizations in Canada realize the opportunities associated with the emerging green economy. Below are some project examples.

    While working for the Vancouver Economic Commission, Delphi evaluated the job acceleration potential of green economic development programs and policies, including those integrated into the City of Vancouver’s 2020 Greenest City Action Plan. A Green Economy Jobs Model and Roadmap were developed to help staff from the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Economic Commission identify the potential impact of various programs, policies, and strategic projects on green job growth in order to prioritize where energy and resources could best be directed.
    OUTCOME: The Jobs Model and Roadmap have been important tools for helping City and VEC staff prioritize projects, communicate their decisions to internal stakeholders, and share their efforts externally with other global cities seeking to accelerate the transition to a greener economy and benefit from investments and job growth.
    Delphi undertook market research and made strategic recommendations in support of a Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Development Canada (DFTAD) – now Global Affairs Canada – awareness building program, which was designed to grow the sustainable infrastructure and technology export opportunities for Canadian companies in line with the market needs in Southeast Asia.
    OUTCOME: The research and recommendations have been leveraged by DFATD as part of its longer-term export strategy for that region, enhancing business and partnership opportunities for Canadian companies through initiatives including cross-Canada roadshows, strategic events, and online tools.


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