Clean Technology Services

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Innovative technologies and processes can help you meet compliance obligations, achieve environmental and carbon targets, and run your business more efficiently and responsibly.

The Delphi Group has been conducting clean technology (cleantech) and renewable energy industry/market research and analysis since 1988. We provide our clients with unparalleled intelligence on the cleantech sector in Canada, helping both the public and private sector better understand the opportunities, define the challenges, and advance real-world solutions.

We also help governments prioritize their investments in cleantech based on a product’s potential for commercialization and its ability to address key environmental challenges.

Assessing cleantech concepts for commercialization
Less than 10% of cleantech concepts get past the research and development phase to commercialization; it’s a high-risk endeavour.  Delphi assists organizations such as Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) by assessing cleantech concepts and demonstration statements to ensure the technology is viable and has real potential for commercialization.

Assessing cleantech options 
Delphi can help prioritize clean technologies, whether you are a government funder or a company looking to meet your sustainability targets. We do this by:

  • Defining several technological options that might help solve an environmental challenge
  • Assessing  what is currently available or whether further innovation is required to close a technology gap
  • Determining how the technologies perform environmentally and economically, and how they interact with other technology platforms and systems
  • Identifying the priority based on your organization’s needs and objectives (such as improving your environmental footprint at the lowest cost). Learn more.

Effective technology assessment also provides a basis for the measurement of offset potential and an estimate of the scale of the reduction potential. Learn more.

Cleantech policy and analysis
Governments are increasingly investing in clean technologies because of their capacity to address climate change and other environmental challenges while also creating jobs and enhancing the competitiveness of key industrial sectors. The Delphi Group has provided in-depth analysis to all levels of government and public-sector agencies in Canada to maximize the potential of these investments and support the potential market transformation associated with the cleantech sector – what the International Energy Agency has called the “next industrial revolution”.

Cleantech research and industry promotion

Designed to identify Canadian cleantech capabilities and evaluate these against the needs and demands of domestic and international markets, as well as raise the profile of clean technology in specific jurisdictions.

Some of Delphi’s past clean technology projects include:

  • Assessed the performance of SDTC’s technology portfolio with respect to its capacity for meeting Canada’s GHG reduction target.
  • Helped SDTC establish a new metric for determining the future competiveness of technologies applying for funding.
  • Ongoing review of GHG and environmental quantification reports for a range of SDTC-funded technology demonstration projects. Our technical team reviews project documentation and quantification spreadsheets, and evaluates the appropriateness of quantification methods, approaches and calculations by comparing against SDTC criteria and environmental quantification best practices.
  • Helped Ontario’s Ministry of Research and Innovation (MRI) compile clean technology market research so they could determine the parameters and direction for a major technology fund initiative in the Province of Ontario.
  • Provided market intelligence on Canada’s Renewable Energy and Alternative Fuel Sectors to assist Export Development Canada (EDC) to better serve these sectors.
  • Analyzed the wind energy sector for Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), assessing Canadian capabilities and strengths, opportunities, barriers and challenges of large and small wind power systems, their integration, and energy transmission.
  • Analyzed over 140 federal, provincial, and territorial infrastructure funding programs for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, evaluating program offerings across nine program elements, such as eligible project types and clientele.
  • Developed and tested a technology evaluation framework for Environment Canada. The framework was based on an assessment of Co-Dis Benefits and was tested on a number of pre-selected Decentralized Energy Proposals slated for review/approval under the Technology and Innovation R&D program within the Federal Government’s Climate Change Plan.
  • Selected by The National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE) to investigate the potential economic opportunities for Canada’s Low-Carbon Goods and Services (LCGS) sector in helping to meet the rapidly expanding domestic and global demand.
  • Supported the Consulate General’s Office of New York City to undertake an initiative to promote trade, investment, and innovation linkages between Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the tri-state area and Canadian clean technology and service providers.

Delphi’s Cleantech Services are part of our larger ‘Green Economy Advisory Services’, designed to help organizations better understand and benefit from evolving industry trends and policies, shifts in technology, and the employment opportunities associated with the transition to a greener, lower-carbon future.  Learn more.

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