CDP Reporting

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The Delphi Group is heavily involved helping Canadian companies respond to the CDP. Over the last three years, we have helped our clients increase their CDP disclosure scores by 55%. We can help you do the same.

As a result of our many years of experience working with clients on their CDP submissions, we have extensive knowledge about:

  • CDP’s global system to measure, disclose, manage and share environmental information.
  • CDP analytics and reports as well as tailored guidance and training on the CDP framework.

We can help you:

  • Develop your CDP submission – from start to finish
    Formulating your CDP submission can be a time- and labour-intensive process. Our extensive experience means we can help you be more efficient and effective. We will help you understand any changes in CDP methodologies and requirements, and can also help you hone your responses so they are more accurate.
  • Increase your CDP Disclosure Score
    Because we have an in-depth understanding of the CDP disclosure scoring methodology, we can help you increase your disclosure score and provide valuable and relevant information to stakeholders.
  • Benchmark your performance
    We can benchmark your disclosure performance against sector peers and leaders so you can see where you stand

Why Delphi?

Because we help our clients make better and more informed decisions on managing environmental and social risk and develop strategies that support your business goals and enhance your performance.

We work with some of Canada's top companies

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