Product Lifecycle Reporting

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Up to 90% of the environmental impact of consumer goods occurs before the product even reaches the store. However, retailers lack visibility into many of the impacts associated with the design and manufacture of the products they source and sell.

Through a strategic partnership, The Delphi Group and Kalypso Designs offer retailers a proprietary LCA service that delivers insight into their products and supply chain quickly and cost-effectively.  Through this process, retailers can analyze the relative environmental impacts, such as carbon footprint and embedded energy, of all the product types in their portfolio.

Through our LCA process, retailers can:

      • Identify hotspots for targeted improvements
      • Assess commodity price risk in the supply chain
      • Empower buyers with better environmental information about their sourcing choices
      • Quantify trends and achievements in the highest impact areas of the product lifecycle


    “We started using this tool in 2008 and it has provided us with significant insight into the energy and carbon footprint of our products.”
    -Tyler Elm, former Vice President, Business Sustainability, Canadian Tire Corporation

    We work with some of Canada's top companies

    Bentall Kennedy