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Delphi’s Quick Reporter services allow you to quickly assess your sustainability and carbon reporting performance. We analyze your reports against leading international standards – such as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Global Reporting Index (GRI), Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) – and industry best practice to identify content gaps and the extent to which your content is aligned across these standards. We can also benchmark your performance against your peers’.

Delphi’s Quick Reporter Services will optimize your team’s reporting efforts, improve your reporting performance and communication, and help you gain competitive intelligence on sector peers.

Choose among any combination of reporting frameworks. Options include:

GRI Gap Analysis – New to GRI? Delphi’s GRI Quick Reporters tool assesses your current sustainability/CSR report against the requirements for meeting GRI’s G4 Guidelines.

    • Receive a gap analysis that clearly shows how to be “In Accordance” with GRI’s core or comprehensive requirements, the expected level of effort required, and an overview of the GRI framework.
    • Add a competitor analysis, showing the GRI disclosures and “In Accordance” level of selected competitors, examples of best practice, and a PowerPoint presentation to show results to management.

CDP Score Improvement – Looking to improve your CDP submission? Try Delphi’s Quick CDP Score Improvement assessment.

      • Receive question-by-question recommendations to improve your scoring and strengthen your CDP submission.
      • Add a competitor analysis, showing competitor performance on past CDP responses in key areas and past scoring, examples of best practices in responses, and a PowerPoint presentation to show results to management.

Sustainability/CSR Reporting Assessment – Looking to improve your sustainability/CSR report? Delphi’s Sustainability Report Assessment provides you with insight into reporting best practices.

    • Receive an assessment of your current sustainability/CSR report against Delphi’s proprietary reporting evaluation framework, which incorporates criteria across seven broad areas of best practice. Receive scoring in each of these areas as well as qualitative feedback on reporting and identified areas for improvement.
    • Add a competitor analysis to see how your report stacks up against selected peers.
    • Add examples of best practice and a PowerPoint presentation to show results to management.

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