Climate Change Mitigation

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We have developed GHG management strategies for over 25 of Canada’s fortune 100 companies

Our strategies reduce costs, liabilities and future risks while enhancing profitability, stakeholder relations, competitiveness and shareholder value.

We know from experience that every client has different needs, objectives and resources. With this in mind, we offer ‘a menu of activities’ to choose from, with the ultimate mix and order of activities determined by your unique needs and circumstances.

Calculate your GHG inventory: We can help you calculate your GHG inventory (carbon footprint) and meet the requirements of regulated or voluntary reporting programs, recognized accounting standards (such as the WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol and ISO 14064-1) and the needs of your business.

Identify risks and opportunities: Once you have your GHG inventory, we can help you identify the risks (reputational, financial, regulatory, etc.) and opportunities (process and cost efficiencies, enhanced brand, new revenue streams, etc.) related to your GHG emissions.

Set goals and prioritize options: With opportunities and risks identified, we can help you assess the options for managing them, including emissions reduction and internal abatement options available to your company.  We help you define the overall objectives of your GHG management strategy and set targets, which are then used to prioritize options and establish a strategic roadmap.

Develop management framework: We will help you develop a management system framework to ensure the successful implementation and continuous improvement of your GHG strategy – including policies, procedures, roles, responsibilities, resources, KPIs, and training requirements.

Develop a communications and engagement plan: Engaging your internal and external stakeholders is critical to the success of your GHG management strategy and maximizing opportunities. We can work with you to identify key audiences, messages and communication programs and tactics that support your GHG goals.

We work with some of Canada's top companies

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