Corporate Sustainability

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We create a roadmap so you can achieve your sustainability goals

Delphi has been engaged by hundreds of large and small companies to refresh, support or create:

Sustainability Strategies and Initiatives: We have helped hundreds of organizations answer the pressing questions – How does my company define sustainability? What’s in and what’s out? Where do I start? How do I realize the benefits?

Environmental strategies (Water, Air, Land, Biodiversity): We can help deliver an environmental strategy that serves as a single point of information on multiple environmental objectives (e.g., waste, water, air, land and biodiversity). The plan acts as key resource for compliance objectives, environmental targets and complaint management. It defines actions/investments to address key priorities and articulates major lines of oversight and accountabilities. Read more.

Social issues and risk strategies: We can develop all aspects of a social sustainability strategy, such as:

  • Identifying social risks and developing social metrics:  Delphi helps companies identify major social risks to their business, ranging from issues pertaining to human rights, labour practices, anti-corruption, diversity, stakeholder engagement, and/or community investment.  We also develop social metrics and benchmark performance against sector peers, in line with international best practice.
  • Stakeholder engagement framework:  Delphi can help lead your organization through a key stakeholder identification and mapping process.  Through research and/or engagement methods, we will help identify your stakeholder priorities and the most effective communication, engagement, and feedback mechanisms.  We will help build an engagement framework that will help drive meaningful stakeholder relationships.  We can also assess your current framework against international best practices and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Employee engagement strategy:  Engaging employees is critical for building a culture of sustainability within your organization.  Delphi will use its proprietary Sustainability Pulse Tool to understand your employees’ perceptions and priorities with respect to sustainability.  We will then help you develop a strategy to successfully engage employees so they become stewards of sustainability within your company.
  • Customer /client/supplier engagement:  Delphi can design an engagement program that helps to align your priorities with those of your customers, clients, and suppliers.  Delphi can define clear program objectives, design the overall program, develop educational and/or communication materials, and support implementation.
  • Aboriginal engagement:  Delphi can identify and prioritize aboriginal issues through research or direct engagement, develop meaningful engagement and outcomes, and  benchmark your performance against sector peers.

Materiality assessments: Conducting a materiality assessment is an effective way of identifying core sustainability priorities within your strategy while also helping to focus your external reporting.

The Delphi Group can help design a materiality process that makes sense for your organization, including:

  • Global, sector, and company-specific issue identification
  • Internal risk/ opportunity impact assessment and prioritization
  • Testing material issues with key external stakeholders: web surveys, focus groups, stakeholder advisory panels, interviews
  • Development of materiality matrix (impact to business vs. importance to stakeholders)
  • Strategy, reporting, and communication recommendations based on key material issues

Waste management strategies: We work with our clients to develop and refine their waste disposal and recycling footprint. The goal may be to improve reporting, cost reduction or obtain a detailed footprint. Audits highlight how customers collect, handle, reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose of identified materials. We then identify any data quality issues and strategies for improved collection, providing guidance that will help you meet environmental goals and objectives. For more information.

Green supply chain and procurement: There is increasing scrutiny being placed on companies regarding their supply chains and procurement practices. How green is your supply chain? If you want to find out – and leverage the many third-party frameworks that have been established to answer this question – The Delphi Group has the expertise and tools required to help you. As part of our sustainability strategy work, we have supported numerous clients in different sectors with the development of sustainability supply chain policies, procedures and practices. For more information.

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