Delphi Trident® – GHG & Energy Management

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Identify the potential costs of your energy and GHG reduction options

The Delphi Trident® tool helps organizations of any size track, forecast and manage their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and/or energy use. It includes powerful tools for identifying how you can achieve regulated or voluntary reduction targets at least cost.

Delphi Trident® reports results in dollars, emissions, and energy, and can help you establish and communicate the business case for mitigation and management strategies.

Delphi Trident® allows organizations to:

  • Quantify and report on GHGs, energy use, and associated costs, on both absolute and intensity bases
  • Analyze a range of business-as-usual and compliance scenarios to gain a full picture of associated opportunities and risks
  • Evaluate mitigation projects and technologies in smart ways using visual tools, such as marginal abatement cost curves
  • Run analyses and develop strategies at varying levels of detail – quickly create ‘back-of-the-envelope’ assessments and then drill down to increasing levels of detail as your needs grow
  • Run attractive reports that tell a story for a single facility, a business unit, a whole organization, or anything in between – it’s up to you
  • Add in your own custom calculations and reports – Delphi Trident® can be fully modified by the user
  • Get started immediately – no lengthy IT approvals or integration processes required!

Licensing options are available to meet the needs and budgets of all organizations – big or small, public or private – and whether they face regulated or voluntary targets, or are in the process of setting goals.

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