Portfolio Lifecycle Analysis

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Assess the environmental impacts of your products

Portfolio Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) Tool: The Delphi Group offers a scalable, efficient and cost-effective process for analyzing the relative environmental impacts – such as carbon footprint and embedded energy – of all the product types in a retailer’s portfolio.

The results can be used for:

  • Screening analysis and hotspot identification: customers can quantitatively analyze their product portfolios and identify the highest impact areas across several metrics of interest.
  • Commodity price risk assessment: the potential impacts of commodity price shifts can be estimated in relation to product margins or cost of goods sold (COGS).
  • Scenario planning and risk assessment: the potential regulatory cost of for example carbon can also be analyzed to identify potential margin risk if carbon were to be taxed or otherwise became a direct cost as a result of regulations.  The results can then be integrated into corporate strategic planning and risk management/mitigation processes.
  • Sourcing strategy:  high impact suppliers can be identified for follow up actions as well as reasonable mitigating actions.  For example, by comparing the relative environmental impacts of alternate countries of origin of the same product, a sourcing manager can develop a fuller cost benefit analysis of broad sourcing strategies.
  • Enhanced reporting and transparency: customers can begin to track and report on the harder to understand impacts of their supply chain.  Whether used in internal or external reporting, this data provides powerful insight into trends that are usually only tracked through anecdotal evidence.

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