January 29, 2015

GLOBE 2016 Banner

The Delphi Group (www.delphi.ca) is pleased to announce that it has formalized a partnership with The GLOBE Foundation (www.globe.ca) to manage the GLOBE Series of Conferences (2016.globeseries.com). This agreement builds on a long and successful strategic alliance between the two organizations that stretches back over 20 years.

Mike Gerbis of The Delphi Group will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer. Mike will be accountable for the strategic direction and financial health of the organization. Nancy Wright, previously Vice-President of the GLOBE Foundation, will assume the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Nancy will manage the day-to-day business operations, personnel and critical GLOBE Series event-related issues. She will also lead all sponsorship and client servicing activities.

Mike and Nancy will work closely with Chris Henderson who will take on the role of Chair of the Board, and Strategic Lead Program and Partnerships. Chris will lead efforts to develop a vision and program strategy for GLOBE 2016. He will work closely with Paul Shorthouse who will coordinate the development and delivery of the GLOBE 2016 Program. Paul will be the principal contact for prospective speakers and moderators associated with the sessions. Freddie Frankling will continue to have responsibility for the GLOBE Expo and international activities.

An important facet of the GLOBE outreach process will be the establishment of a Program Advisory Group under the joint co-leadership of Mark Rudolph of justenvironment and Velma McColl of the Earnscliffe Strategy Group.

We look forward to maintaining a high quality program with outstanding speakers; increasing networking opportunities to facilitate business to business transactions and enhancing the overall GLOBE experience for partners, sponsors, exhibitors and delegates; and capitalizing on the growing opportunities and sophistication of the global market for innovation at the intersection of business and the environment.

Contacts for the GLOBE Series Management Team:

Globe Strategic Partnerships:

Mike Gerbis (mike.gerbis@globeseries.com) T: 613.296.2371

Chris Henderson (chris.henderson@globeseries.com) T: 613.76.2623

Globe Event Management, Sponsorship and Marketing:

Nancy Wright (nancy.wright@globeseries.com) T: 604.202.5959

GLOBE Conference Program: 

Paul Shorthouse (paul.shorthouse@globeseries.com) T: 604.338.9941


Freddie Frankling (Global) – (freddie.frankling@globeseries.com

Bruce Dudley (North America) – (bruce.dudley@globeseries.com) T: 613.296.2378