August 22, 2017


By Crystal Vella – Analyst, The Delphi Group

Sustainability services are in high demand. We are seeing confluence of drivers – from tangible (and severe) economic and physical stresses on our natural systems, to ramped-up policy commitments and expectations of climate risk management across the investment value chain. As a consulting firm of experts actively engaged on all of these fronts, Delphi is seeking the best and brightest to join our team.

So you may be asking…what is it really like to work at Delphi? Let me tell you.

Finding my way as the new kid in town

Delphi was always on my radar as a place to work, and I was convinced it was where I wanted to be after attending Leading Change Canada’s Forum for Emerging Environmental Leaders and GLOBE Forum 2016. I started at Delphi soon after. To be totally candid, I thought I knew a lot about the sustainability game. Reality quickly settled in, though; I know a few things, but I soon realized I still have so much to learn.

Lucky for me, Delphi is made up of a group of superstars in their respective fields who are happy to share what they know with one another. No one ever hesitates to take time to help each other (and our clients) understand more about the project or issue we are trying to solve and how to get there.

A “normal” day at Delphi may include exploring how introducing a new initiative or technology into a company’s operation will reduce carbon emissions or water consumption. It could also include analyzing a new climate policy or the latest innovations in clean technology and what the implications of it will be in certain markets. You might find yourself glued to your desk sifting through data to find trends, or out and about in training sessions or conferences.

What I enjoy most about working at Delphi are the opportunities to learn and grow while working on a really dynamic range of projects. It’s awesome….and it is never boring.

Ultimately, sustainability requires team work. At the heart of Delphi’s team is trust, it is key to our success. To put it in perspective, during my first days at Delphi, I was like a Barnacle Gosling jumping 400ft to its feeding grounds. My team had trust in the skills I brought to Delphi, and I had support from them as I transitioned into my new role. Looking back, with the ongoing support from my team, I am no longer a gosling leaping off a cliff. I am more of a flashy yet splashy 10m Olympic diver – eager to jump in along with the best in the business, but with more to learn and skills to perfect each time.

Ever wonder it’s like to work at Delphi

Source: BBC

Let’s have fun while changing the world for the better…

Delphi’s mission is pretty easily embraced by all of us. Who wouldn’t want to wake up every day knowing that your work has real impact well beyond the personal effort put into each project? We are proud of the work we do, have fun while we do it (even on the stressful days), and share success with others.

Whether it is applying lessons learned to the next project…inviting our awesome clients, peers and partners to participate at GLOBE Series events…or helping to inspire the next generation of leaders at Leading Change’s Forum…there are endless opportunities to change the world for the better. And let’s face it, given how bonkers our social, economic and environmental climates seem, that feels pretty necessary these days.

We have recently posted for several roles across multiple levels and services areas. If you’re dedicated, engaged and motivated by the prospects of having fun while changing the world for the better, Delphi might be the place for you!

Crystal Vella is an Analyst at The Delphi Group where she provides research, analytical and strategic support to all projects and proposals. To find out more about Delphi’s employment opportunities, please visit our career site here