Energy in Focus – Ontario Votes 2014

On June 12th, Ontarians will head to the polls to elect their 26th government. While environmental issues have largely been absent from major party platforms, energy has been central to campaign discussions– with particular attention paid to past decisions made by the Liberal government under the Green Energy Act (GEA). Opposition parties have criticised the […]

Heirloom Design and a Manufacturing Renaissance

 ‘Heirloom design’ is emerging as a buzzword in sustainability circles. The concept calls for slower consumption through design that makes products more durable, repairable and upgradeable. In an age of cheaply made goods and planned obsolescence, bringing ‘heirloom design’ to the mainstream would, in many cases, require significant changes across product supply chains along with […]

BC’s Water Sustainability Act Marks an Important Step Forward in Water Management

British Columbia’s current Water Act, established in 1909, has been the primary piece of legislation on water management in the province. Throughout the 20th century, the province has experienced dramatic changes, including population growth, urban development and economic diversification. Over the years, each time the province has encountered newer, more complex challenges regarding water use […]

2014: The Year of Materiality and Streamlined Reporting?

The sustainability reporting world has changed significantly; however, over the last few years it seems like things have significantly evolved with new standards, guidelines and updates, including the International Integrated Reporting Council, the GRI G4, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings, CDP Water, Forests, and Cities, as well as the DJSI Index […]

Canada’s Sector-by-Sector Regulatory Approach: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

The release of Canada’s long-awaited federal GHG regulations for the oil and gas sector appeared to hit yet another bump in the road in late 2013, when Prime Minister Harper noted that Canada’s regulations would be developed “in concert with the US” and “over the next couple of years.”[1] Since then, many stakeholders have been struggling to interpret […]

President Obama’s ‘All of the Above’ Climate Strategy – A Wake-Up Call to Canada?

In the 2014 State of the Union Address, President Obama reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to take significant action on climate change.  As our powerful neighbor to the South, actions taken by the U.S. will have significant implications on trade, prosperity and on our climate – which, after all, knows no boundaries. Given the political opposition […]

Delphi’s clients improve CDP disclosure scores by 57%

We helped our clients increase their CDP disclosure scores by an average of 57% in 2012. Three of our clients were included on the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) for 2013. Sector Improvement in 2012 disclosure score ​ Energy Infrastructure Company ​123% ​ Conventional Oil & Gas Company ​44% ​Natural Gas Company ​7% ​Integrated Oil […]

Mitigation versus Adaptation: Where to Invest?

The last several months have given us our fair share of extreme weather reinforcing the findings of the IPCC’s latest scientific report on climate change.  At the same time, these events fuel the debate around what to do about it. While many continue to argue over the relationship between extreme weather events and climate change […]