Capital Power is a forward-looking, innovative power producer with a strategic focus on sustainable energy.

They want to be responsible and realistic and consider this to be a great competitive advantage as they are set to lead their industry in the production of reliable, cleaner power.

Embracing the transition to a low-carbon emissions economy, Capital Power wanted to positively engage with investor interest in seeing a response to the Task Force on Climate Related Disclosures (TCFD).

What We Did

Delphi worked with the Capital Power team to engage cross-functionally in the organization to help integrate climate change considerations further in risk management, financial analysis, EHS, and business planning.

The process analyzed Capital Power’s future business risks and opportunities related to climate change and the push to reduce carbon emissions from energy use. Alignment with the TCFD meant that as a first stage qualitative assessments of risk and opportunity was conducted under future scenarios.

Delphi assisted in a review of the various energy scenarios that were available and to develop a framework that supported Capital Power’s decision of which to use as the basis for their inaugural TCFD assessment. Those scenarios were considered across the market, technical, legal and policy, physical impacts, and reputational risk categories identified by the TCFD.


Capital Power was one of the first major North American energy company to release a response to the TCFD in January 2019.

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