CN wanted to develop a GHG emissions reduction protocol that would enable their clients to both quantify reductions and generate offset credits when shifting from GHG-intensive road transportation to less GHG-intensive rail transportation.

what we did

Delphi worked closely with CN’s environmental group and marketing department to demonstrate that shipping by rail produces significantly lower GHG emissions than shipping by road. Delphi then developed a GHG protocol that was formally approved for use in the Alberta offset system and is currently being modified to meet draft Federal GHG offset system rules. A supporting on-line GHG emission reduction calculator was also developed.


Delphi’s work enabled CN to improve the value of its services offered and create a unique value proposition in the market.

CN now has an improved service offering and CN clients have the added benefit of being able to generate offset credits while reducing environmental impact.

This project has enhanced CN’s market position, increased revenue potential; increased brand value and strengthened CN’s environmental leadership.

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