Toronto Hydro needed to develop a corporate environmental strategy that would reduce its environmental footprint and meet demands from its board, executives, and external stakeholders and would enable compliance with proposed municipal, provincial and federal climate change targets

What We Did

Delphi worked with Toronto Hydro to develop a corporate strategy to improve overall performance and minimize their environmental footprint. Delphi’s experience with sustainability planning and our knowledge of municipal, provincial and federal regulatory policies helped us develop a framework for technology decisions, performance improvement and overall strategy design.


Delphi’s work with Toronto Hydro ensured they could meet climate change targets set by the City of Toronto and expectations of their board and executives.

The strategy also ensured ongoing compliance in the face of regulatory uncertainty at the provincial and federal levels.

Delphi’s work has meant that Toronto Hydro can maintain its environmental leadership, reduce risk, improve performance and strengthen long-term value.

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