Delphi, in partnership with Bioenterprise Corporation, conducted an agriculture clean technology scoping study for the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture to identify and assess precision agriculture technologies for nutrient management that are specifically relevant and applicable in British Columbia.

What We Did

Delphi created a definitional framework for precision agritech, an evaluation approach, and conducted extensive secondary and primary research (including 14 key informant interviews), leveraging its database and network of technology companies and key institutions involved in the advancement of agritech. Research focused on B.C. and Canadian-based tech companies, although also included international companies where no Canadian expertise existed. A key emphasis of the engagement was to identify project opportunities, barriers to deployment, and solutions for overcoming barriers.


The final report identifies the highest priority opportunities for investment in precision agriculture technology in B.C. and put forward recommendations to support the adoption of precision agritech in the province. The B.C. Ministry of Agriculture used this information to shape its Agritech Innovation Challenge program, designed to accelerate the deployment of precision agriculture technology in British Columbia.

Read the report.


Delphi delivered a clean technology scoping study in the area of precision agriculture for British Columbia, a complex task that was the first of its kind for the Province of BC. Considering the condensed four-month timeline for this project, we were very impressed with Delphi’s ability to engage a significant number of industry experts on the subject and to produce a comprehensive, informative report on precision agriculture technology opportunities for BC.

In particular, Project Managers Paul Shorthouse and Erin Williamson were effective in terms of the logistics and planning for the project, their ease and style of engagement, and in terms of delivering on the requests from the Ministry of Agriculture in an efficient and timely manner. We were very pleased with the final report produced by the Delphi team, with the outcomes exceeding our overall expectations.

Chelsea Sutherland, B.C. Ministry of Agriculture
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