May 19, 2022

After multiple opportunities for stakeholder engagement, and several delays, Canada’s Clean Fuel Regulations (CFR) is now expected to be finalized this spring. As a result, all sectors and businesses that produce, import, or use liquid fuels in Canada will be materially impacted. Is your organization ready to navigate the policy implications and technical impacts of the CFR?  

The Delphi Group has closely monitored CFR development since it was originally announced as Canada’s Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) in 2016. Our deep expertise in the associated regulatory requirements is complemented by hands-on experience over the past two years supporting ECCC with testing, enhancing, and developing calculation rules for the CFR’s Fuel LCA Model and developing offset methodologies. 

We’re happy to share a new CFR brief, which is an expansion of the brief issued after draft regulations were shared in December 2020. 

CFR brief (pdf)

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