March 1, 2019

Clean Technology Scoping Study

The British Columbia (BC) Ministry of Agriculture is interested in identifying clean technology options that align with provincial priorities; have positive impacts on climate, air, land, and water; and are feasible for implementation in BC. Precision agriculture technologies for nutrient management planning are of particular interest to the BC Ministry of Agriculture as nutrient loading is a prominent issue in parts of the province. Nutrient management planning is a growing activity for farms throughout the province and the BC Government is assessing technologies that are available to assist farmers in this planning, as well as for long-term, on-farm nutrient management and productivity improvements.

The Delphi Group, in partnership with Bioenterprise Corporation, conducted an agriculture clean technology scoping study on behalf of the BC Ministry of Agriculture to identify and assess precision agriculture technologies for nutrient management that are specifically relevant and applicable in BC. The project included defining the technologies, developing a data collection framework, undertaking scoping research (including a targeted literature review and a series of 14 key informant interviews), and synthesizing the results presented into this report.

Report (pdf)