Breaking Down the Budget: What Canada’s 2023 Budget Means for Our Net-Zero Future

By: The Delphi Group’s Kristine O’Rielly, Director, Innovation and Cleantech, and Sarah Todgham, Policy Consultant, Climate Change    Prior to this week’s federal budget announcement, Canada had been under increasing pressure to invest in the clean economy. For example, the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), announced last August, signalled $369 billion in climate spending. Other jurisdictions, […]

Making 2022 Count: 7 Reflections on Sustainability and Strategy

By Carol-Ann Brown, President of The Delphi Group    Every year it feels like Labour Day flips the switch between summer holidays and getting down to business. No more backyard bbq get togethers, travelling to parts known and unknown, and keeping the kids occupied while school is out. This Labour Day is no exception and […]

Flight shaming is real: How to minimize your travel footprint

By The Delphi Group’s Stephan Wehr, Vice President, and Jonathan Taylor-Ebanks, Sustainability Consultant   As pandemic restrictions ease across the globe, many people are returning to regular travel. With climate change top of mind, travellers are increasingly aware that flights and road trips have a significant impact on the environment. While unfortunately we can’t help […]

How Your Company Can Be Part of the Green Recovery

By: Julia Zeeman and Puninda Thind, Consultants, The Delphi Group As countries, businesses and individuals reckon with the devastating economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the call for a “green recovery” has been heard around the world. While governments deploy stimulus packages and businesses pivot and pivot again, advocates for a green recovery are calling […]