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Proudly Canadian with global impact, Delphi is a strategic consulting firm specializing in climate change, sustainability, and ESG. As a B Corp with 35 years of experience, we don’t just know our stuff… we live it. We’ll be an extension of your team, and provide customized advice and solutions that help you achieve results, transform, and prosper.



We consult within the family, too 

Being part of Profoundry means we can have even more positive impact.  

Delphi is a long-time strategic program partner of GLOBE Series. We help shape and guide the themes and sessions at GLOBE Forum, and provide input into the programming of client events. These include the Clean Energy Ministerial 10 / Mission Innovation 4 in Vancouver, the G7 Oceans Inspirations Expo and Oceans Partnership Summit in Halifax, the World Petroleum Congress in Calgary, the Global Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition in New York, and COP 28 in Dubai. For information on Delphi-facilitated sessions at GLOBE Forum 2024 in Vancouver, check out the Forum website here. 

Delphi also provides consulting support, peer benchmarking, policy updates, informative webinars, and briefing notes and articles on topical ESG issues to CBSR members as part of their membership package, and helps Leading Change Canada alumni expand their networks. 

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Our innovative experts are some of the best in the business. We’ll give you practical, actionable advice and roadmaps tailored to your organization.


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