Meet Our Amazing Team

Delphi is part of Profoundry, a collective of like-minded sustainability and climate experts who help organizations create value and have a positive impact on society. Our group includes GLOBE Series, CBSR, and Leading Change, and together we are focused on achieving our vision: a more sustainable, prosperous, socially just future in a generation.

Delphi’s mission is to transform the way leading organizations generate value to make our world better. We believe passionately that businesses can be profitable while having a positive long-term impact on the environment and society.

Delphi is committed to achieving net zero for scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030 and net zero for scope 3 emissions by 2040. We’ve registered this commitment with the SME Climate Hub and will publish regular updates on our progress. Driving to net zero is a key part of delivering on our vision: a more sustainable, prosperous and socially just future in a generation.

Our team is made up of leading experts in corporate sustainability, climate change, the green economy, and innovation and cleantech. They passionately believe in the work we do, and we believe in them.

Our values are not just words we use in our strategy documents. We live by them – just ask our clients.

  • In everything we do we conduct ourselves with integrity.
  • We strive for excellence in our work and creativity in our solutions.
  • Teamwork and respect are at the heart of how we work with each other and with our clients.
  • We care about our communities and our planet and take responsibility for our own actions, impacts and footprint.
  • We take our work seriously, but not ourselves. We like to have fun changing the world for the better.


Dr. Carol-Ann Brown
Alex Carr
Bruce Dudley
Ted Ferguson
Tara Garcia
Mike Gerbis
Alice Martin
Jade Schofield
Stephan Wehr, P.Eng.


Jo Ah Yow
Nimrah Anwar
Matt Beck
Ben Clark
Andy Coxford
Victoria Courtois, P.Eng.
Joseph De Sousa
Sarah Falloon
Farr Fatemi, P.Eng.
Shanel Feller
David Feuchtwanger
Melissa Harris
Garrett Jones
Shanna Killen
Connor King
Hannah Lacey
Cara LaRochelle
Emily Lo
Hayley MacVicar
Isla Milne
Joseph Mosca
Ghannush Nithiy
Philip Oakley
Hina Okazaki Kuae
Kristine O’Rielly
Michaël Osman
Laurel Pierroz-Wong
David Photiadis
Megan Poss
Claire Purvis
Laura Robertson
Arjun Salu
Adam Schwarz
Blair Treadwell
Erin Williamson
Julia Zeeman

Shared Services

Bolu Adegbembo
Diana Bowles
Craig Duvall
Rasha Faddoul
Lisa Milne
Marne O’Flaherty Wills
Jennifer Palfery
Monica Prak
Randi Prieur
Amit Rai
Breanna Rocha
Danis Sale
Rachael Simpson
Rory Stobart
Summer Sullivan

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