December 19, 2022

Canada’s freight railways have reduced their carbon emissions intensity by 25.1% since 2005. While rail is already the most fuel-efficient way of transporting goods over land, Canada’s railways are ready to decarbonize even further.  

Delphi is pleased to support and accelerate this progress with the release of a new report, Towards Net Zero: Developing a Rail Decarbonization Roadmap for Canada. 

The report is the first of its kind globally, and includes a framework for assessing reduction opportunities as well as a standard for informing future investment decisions. The roadmap was developed in partnership with the Railway Association of Canada, Transport Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Natural Resources Canada, and Pollution Probe. 

Access the roadmap

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Interested in more information on how a sustainable mobility strategy can help you meet your net-zero goals? 

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