All aboard: Sustainability is everyone’s job on the road to net zero

By Amber Nicholson, Director, Corporate Sustainability  Following the lukewarm results of COP27, the global alarm has been sounded as the world gets closer to surpassing the 1.5-degree target needed to prevent the worst impacts of climate change. Year after year, more commitments are made to lower emissions, conserve resources, reduce waste, clean up air and […]

Canada’s Fall Economic Forecast: The economy may be slowing down, but green investments are speeding up 

By The Delphi Group’s Sarah Todgham, Policy Consultant, Climate Change, and Matt Beck, Senior Director, Carbon Management & Sustainability    It’s a strange time. Inflation is high and interest rates are rising, but unemployment is low (at least for now). Change and disruptions are everywhere: the war in Ukraine, the accelerating effects of climate change, […]

Green Retrofits 101: How Greening Our Buildings Helps Us Get to Net Zero

By Shanna Killen, Consultant, and Ben Clark, Director, Green & Circular Economy    There’s a good chance you’ve heard about “green building retrofits,” but for those of us who don’t live and breathe this stuff every day, it may not be clear what they are and how they impact our climate targets. Our Green and […]

Making 2022 Count: 7 Reflections on Sustainability and Strategy

By Carol-Ann Brown, President of The Delphi Group    Every year it feels like Labour Day flips the switch between summer holidays and getting down to business. No more backyard bbq get togethers, travelling to parts known and unknown, and keeping the kids occupied while school is out. This Labour Day is no exception and […]

We need to talk about “S”: 4 ways to put the social into your sustainability

By The Delphi Group’s Hayley MacVicar, Analyst, and Hannah Lacey, Intern Analyst, Corporate Sustainability   “ESG” – which stands for environment, social and governance – is just the latest iteration of what is also known as corporate sustainability and the triple bottom line. At the heart of these philosophies is a re-definition of corporate success: […]

Is your GHG inventory telling the full story? 3 steps for building your scope 3 inventory

By The Delphi Group’s Connor King, Technical Analyst, Climate Change    As many parts of the world grapple with another summer of extreme temperatures, getting to net zero is something we all need to get our heads around. As a first step, many organizations measure and report their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (otherwise known as […]

ABCs of ESG Part 2 – Cutting through the noise on ESG: 3 tips on making an impact

By The Delphi Group’s David Photiadis, Senior Director, Garrett Jones, Director, Sustainable Finance, and Adam Schwarz, Senior Consultant, Sustainability and ESG Reporting   ESG has had a rough go of it lately. The headline-grabbing Elon Musk tweeted that ESG is a “scam” after Tesla was de-listed from the S&P 500 ESG Index. A recent article […]

ABCs of ESG Part 1 – ESG investing: Boom or a bust?

By The Delphi Group’s Adam Schwarz, Senior Consultant, Sustainability and ESG Reporting, and Garrett Jones, Director, Sustainable Finance   ESG is everywhere. At a time when the climate crisis, diversity and social justice issues, and a global economy are converging, environmental, social and governance considerations are top of mind for all sectors and types of […]

Top 7 Takeaways on ESG Disclosure from the 2021 Value Reporting Foundation (VRF) Symposium

By Adam Schwarz, Sustainability and ESG Reporting Consultant, The Delphi Group    Value Reporting Foundation (VRF) convened a symposium in December 2021 to discuss the latest trends in sustainability reporting and disclosure practices. The VRF is a global non-profit organization that was formed in June 2021 when the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) and the […]