October 7, 2022

In partnership with the Canada Green Building Council, Delphi produced the following three reports on key aspects of the green-retrofit economy:

Demand-side analysis: Explores the factors driving demand for green retrofits, and presents quantitative and qualitative research findings about what it will take to reach net-zero targets for existing buildings. Download here.

Summary of workforce supply: Describes the skills needed and the training ecosystem for key occupations within the green retrofit economy. Download here.

Supply readiness: Presents examples and evaluates the readiness of low-carbon technical interventions for large buildings in Canada. Download here.

These reports build on the Green Retrofit Economy Study Summary Report published in June 2022.

Explore the reports to gain further insight into the workforce and supply chain opportunities and risks presented by scaling up the retrofit economy in Canada.


Interested in more information on how a green and circular economy strategy can help you meet your ESG and net-zero goals? 

Contact Ben Clark, Director, Green & Circular Economy at bclark@delphi.ca.