July 13, 2021

The Working for Watersheds study is a product of collaboration between industry, government, Indigenous communities, and several non-profit organizations working to protect and restore healthy watersheds across British Columbia.

The Delphi Group was commissioned by the BC Water Funders Collaborative, the BC Freshwater Legacy Initiative, and the POLIS Water Sustainability Project to develop an understanding and profile of the current economic and employment contribution of BC’s watershed sector and its potential for growth.

With the help of a broad range of partners and a project advisory group, the project team:

  • Defined the scope of the watershed sector in BC;
  • Assessed the current economic impact of the sector;
  • Conducted Indigenous-focused research and engagement;
  • Estimated the growth potential of the sector; and,
  • Developed this summary report.

These activities involved a mix of secondary research, key informant interviews, surveys, and advisory group meetings to bring together a wide range of expertise. The supporting Appendices provide further details on the methods and data used to support the study.